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​Every team has their story, we want to share ours with you

The Pitt P​romise

Working with a team that you know you can trust with your biggest investments makes buying and selling that much easier. The Michelle Pitt Team is proud to bring a well rounded team to its clients with a full service package. We are here to work with you from the minute you decide to sell, to searching for your perfect home. 

Most of our team members have lived in the Hamilton Region most of their lives and we are all proud to call this city home. We consider ourselves experts in its diverse neighborhoods and up and coming communities. Our goal as a team is to ensure all our clients are receiving the ultimate level of service we are proud to offer.

Why The Umbrella?

Umbrellas were invented over 4000 years ago, and over this time they haven't changed a whole lot. There is no app to replace them, and their use remains the same. 

Umbrellas  symbolize shelter and protection - what a perfect analogy for your home. The Michelle Pitt Team is dedicated to helping people find their perfect home so they can find their perfect shelter where they will feel comfortable and protected. 

The colour of our Umbrella is Teal. Teal combines the calming properties of blue and renewal qualities of green. It represents truth or faith. Blue represents reliability, trust, and loyalty while green represents luck, health, and tranquility.

The combination of the two to create teal and represents communication & clarity of thought while promoting emotional balance and stability.

The Michelle Pitt Team is here to help calm any of your fears or stresses during the buying and selling process - We are here to help you throughout the entire process. You can put your faith and trust that our team is dedicated to you. When you work with our team you become family. 

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